About the company

The company is the only certified representative of the Chinese Zhejiang POCTech Co. in Ukraine and Moldova.

The main goal of our activity is not only assistance in maintaining the health of the country’s population, but ensuring a high level of quality of life for people suffering from various diseases. And today, our focus is on helping people with diabetes.


The company offers unique and exciting products for users to facilitate their health monitoring process.

User Review in “SaharOk” Magazine

Recently, a new device has come into my hands that has long brought profound changes to the lives of millions of people with diabetes worldwide! Of course, I’m talking about continuous glucose monitoring.

In my case, it was a PocTech continuous monitoring system. The novelty in the Ukrainian market of diabetes goods appeared not so long ago and is actively spreading. “Ukrainian Trade and Industry Corporation” Healthy Nation “- is the official importer of the device in the Ukraine and Moldova.

Lyudmila Panchuk


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