USB/WIFI Otoscope

Is the latest in-camera, lightweight, portable but effective. It’s a good monitor for the health of your family’s ears, from parents to children and pets. With adjustable LED fixtures, an ultra-thin 3.9mm HD camera and ergonomic design, the otoscope can capture crisp images.


Image sensor: CMOS

Pixel: 1.0 Megapixels

Camera Diameter: 4.3mm

Horizontal view angle: 66 degrees

Camera resolution: 1280×720,640×480,320×240

Camera focal distance: 1.5-2.0cm

Power input: DC 5V/2A

WiFi transmission: distance 10 meters (without any obstacle)

Waterproof grade: IP67 (for lens / tube only)

IOS & Android OS

Application scenes: еar care

Human Body Temperature Measurement System Software

The system has two ways to display human body temperature: body surface temperature and underarm temperature. The conversion between the two can be completed through their temperature difference curves. The whole curve divides the curve into eight temperature sections by nine temperature points, ranging from 32.0 to 41.9℃, and the temperature value in the temperature section is a linear relationship.

The stethoscope that connects to your smartphone

What does it do?

  • Increases the volume
  • Jack connection to headphones
  • Connection to hearing aids
  • Records and shares the auscultation
  • Integrable in third party systems
  • Allows video conferences and chat
  • Allows synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine
  • Access to data base sounds of auscultations
  • Displays the phonogram of each pathology
  • It allows to approach reality
  • Listen jointly (up to 6 people)
  • Real patient recordings
  • It improves understanding
  • Listen as many times as you want
  • Upload the audios to the virtual classroom
  • Several audio examples from the same pathology


Immunochromatographic analysis for rapid detection of IgG / IgM antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in human blood, plasma and serum. The test gives a preliminary result, a negative result does not mean no infection and may not be the sole basis for treatment.

Packaging: 20 individual pack tests, 20 disposable pipettes, 1 solution (reagent) (6 ml), instructions.

Non-bundled material required: sample collection containers, centrifuge (for plasma / serum samples), watches, personal protective equipment, disposal containers and disinfectants.