The Ukrainian company “Healthy Nation” offers comprehensive medical solutions for people with type I and type 2 diabetes, including high-quality medical equipment, professional counseling and technical support.

This is an innovative system for continuous monitoring of blood glucose. We are the only official representative of Zhejiang POCTech Co. in Ukraine and Moldova.

And today our focus is on providing a high level of quality of life for patients with diabetes mellitus and its consequences.

The CGMS complex is the POCTech CT-100B continuous blood glucose monitoring system, which is manufactured by the Chinese corporation Zhejiang POCTech Co., Ltd.

Technology for effective diabetes control

  •  monitor blood glucose in real time;
  • detect hypo- or hyperglycemia and report them;
  •  reduce stress associated with persistent finger punctures;
  • quickly respond to an increase or decrease in sugar levels;
  • observe the reaction to food intake, physical activity, taking medications and carry out their correction;
  • receive detailed reports of monitoring work with a review of total sugar levels in 24/7 format.

What do we offer?

We offer certified medical equipment in Ukraine. The company is the official representative of the Chinese corporation POCTech Medical in Ukraine and Moldova, and coming soon – Georgia and Armenia.


Maintaining health and ensuring a high quality of life for users through cutting-edge medical technology.

What's the difference?

Unlike other companies, we do not provide individual products, but complex medical solutions for users. Our solutions include quality medical equipment, professional consulting and technical support.


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